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Maximize performance, improve business results and simplify managed care processes at every stage of the claim lifecycle with Health Mart Atlas backend contract solutions. With our network of more than 6,800 community pharmacies, we are one of the largest high-performing pharmacy service administration organizations (PSAOs) in the nation, and we'll put our expertise to work for you.


Focused on providing you with the right contract access to maximize reimbursements and monitor your business success.

Invested in your pharmacy’s performance: As a leading independent pharmacy network, Health Mart Atlas helps you improve your clinical outcomes so your pharmacy can perform at its best.


Focused on business results: With our experience in managed care and contracting, Health Mart Atlas is focused on helping pharmacies identify opportunities are right for your unique needs.


Working to make your job easier: Health Mart Atlas cuts through the complexity of today’s industry, reviewing a number of criteria on behalf of pharmacies to make sure you’re signing the best contracts for your pharmacies’ business. Contract criteria includes strategic components, financial terms, performance opportunities and contract language. 

Contract access

Let us be your strategic advisor, working on your behalf to contract with payers and PBMs.

Operational Essentials

Drive better patient outcomes with the tools to help improve care and reimbursement.