Contract Access

Contract portfolio unique to your needs

Health Mart Atlas pharmacies have exclusive inclusion in many preferred contracts as well as access to select performance opportunities not broadly available to smaller PSAOs.

Our ongoing contract review process assesses four major areas:

  • Plan components

  • Financial Terms

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Contract language

This ensures that Health Mart Atlas is entering into contracts that are best for our member pharmacies’ businesses, which includes access to over 200 million patients.

Health Mart Atlas participates as preferred in 62% of PDPs, which is the most among all PSAOs including exclusive preferred access to select plans.

On behalf of our customers, our contracts are evaluated and reviewed for:

  • Prescription profitability

  • Competitive performance

  • Performance Incentives

  • Separate rates for cash cards/worker’s comp

  • Audit terms and more

Contracting Resources

Medicare Part D

Health Mart Atlas is committed to gaining access to the right Med D contracts and helping you enroll your patients during the Annual Enrollment Period. We provide a toolbox of Med D resources, including Annual Enrollment Period marketing kits, contract details and educational materials to ensure you understand the complex contract details and can assist your patients every step of the way.

Effective Rate and DIR Reporting

Better understand your estimated financial impact for claims processed under Commercial/Managed Medicaid contracts with effective rate language.